Cameri – 10 July 1988

This article begins with a series of events with the past.

The equipment was not much (Canon T 70 with the 300/5.6) and the various steps to give paper then scanned certainly do not help much.

The charm, however, is intact.

Several of these aircraft, by now, no longer fly: F 111, Phantom inglesi, American and German, Mirage F1 francesi, our '104. The tiger then 88, is, a parer mio, the most beautiful Special '104 of all time.

Do not forget that this was also the last; large, performance of the PAN before the disaster at Ramstein.

The photos shown here are in a large part of the static, because pictures in flight, as always in Cameri, were completely against the sun.

There are many, I hope to add a little’ in the near future.

Enjoy those that there are

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