Payerne Flugplatz - 8 October 2008

Today no one can climb to Axalp: condimeteo prohibitive. What to do? Persistent rumors damage present in Payerne the Mirage III which carries civil flights aboard private. Let.

And so here I am on the road with the trusts Focus. Check to see it take off right. Check from a street behind the small museum near the base: seems to come out of the factory yesterday. Cross the small bridge over the ditch to the fence of the base and enters the riser to move to the take-off.

The traffic is very intense on the basis of. Fra rullaggi, takeoffs and landings, downtimes are quite rare. F 18, F 5, Mirage III, PC 7, PC 6 and Super Puma roam from all angles in a dance that never seems to end. The headliner, however, he is definitely. The delta of Dassault still has a charm that age does not tempt to scratch. At the end of the third flight of the day I can also go in front of the shelter outside the base that serves as a shelter. The photographer from behind, with the engine running and the ignition of the afterburner flame out. I think it will be one of the last opportunity to do so.

The staff is very friendly and the Swiss approach leaves all, just be polite, stay in place and do not touch anything. The photographer from all sides.

The traffic of Payerne however remains intense and photographer from around unhindered also because, for the uninitiated, here there is fence !!! Only a ditch dividing the suspender taxi from the street outside where lurk the spotter. The weather is not that good but fortunately, apart from brief moments, it does not rain.

The day ends with a tutorial of extracting an injured pilot from a F 5 by firefighters. You can not ask for more?

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