Cervia AFB – 29 June 2009

The proposal is one of those who can not say no: an evening with Veltri Cervia to see the night flights of the Vipers of the 5th Wing. You can not say no?

Here we are on the street, io e Andrea, at a time del'aeroporto Pisignano. The evening spent photographing the Special Color ready to scramble, live reinforced, within a shelter and then with a prolonged walkaround around a Viper ready the evening flight. Upon arrival of the pilot we depart and continue to photograph the preparations, with starting and all preparations. The Falcon heads in the header and the pilot gives us a breathtaking takeoff with sunset background. SHOW !!!!

We go for dinner at the GEA where specialists have prepared a dinner of grilled fish.

Let's go back to the flight line to assist landing of 2 Vipers and photograph all the post-flight operations. For a while’ we also have the opportunity to photograph the air inside the shelter, lit only by neon: an opportunity that does not happen every day.

Unfortunately the evening draws to a close and, greeted all friends present, we put the wheels in the direction of home.

The day turned out to be very positive. We had the opportunity to participate in an afternoon of flight operations and we were together with many friends, in addition to sharing our passion, is nice and large compagnia.Sicuramente an experience have proven to be repeated.

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