Milan Linate – 9 April 2011

What do you do when you're bored, hunger aircraft is so much dust and winter effort to move the camera?

I do not know in your area, but in Milan, in the absence of military airports, si va a Linate.

And if the day is almost summer like today and visibility is up to the mountains still snow-laden, is still meglio.Purtroppo this also means that the heat reverb on the track will ruin many photos, but all you can not have.

Arrival and, view of the time, I affixed on the embankment next to TNT, from where I can enjoy a good view of all movements (rullaggi, takeoffs and landings) without having yet the sun against. It focuses especially on the first floors of planes taxiing, so as to minimize the effect of glare. Eventually I'm going to the 13,30: the sun is shot, the lighting conditions worsen and stomach growls. For today I took enough.

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