Moscow, Zhukovskiy Airport, 21 August 2011

Second day of the event ... and the second day of rain. Unlucky. This morning arrival a little 'before and there is far less crowds: will be the time or weather?.

I refer to the whole static but, come ieri, I will not dare to pull out the camera. Today, there is also wind and, in addition to wet it, I would get veiled photos by raindrops on the front of the lens.

Noto many Russians who are photographed under the USAF aircraft, along with American pilots: there is literally queuing !!!!

I decide to go to the station for in-flight photos but the weather worsened again and the flying program is cut and postponed. Eventually it will be even more limited than that of yesterday. Remarkable is the hole in the water (literally….) Prototype T 50 that, after a strange and long slow taxiing, inserts the afterburners and, BUM !!! It does a flame-out resounding, immediately opens parafreni and walks sadly to the parking lot. Unfortunately it all happens very far away from my desk and I can not photograph it decently.

The flight of the A 380 it's incredible, with heavy rain swirling around the giant wings and even the high-speed passage of the Rafale is spectacular: more than contrails were water vortices !!!!

For the rest of the flight performances are marred by the abundant rain. Go ahead cold, with temperatures around 10 °.

I go to the exit, the rain falls a bit 'and I decide that, whatever happens, I will photograph the static.

The result of the day you can find it below .....