22 August 2011 –

VVS Monino Museum (guides in PDF to get to the museum from Moscow can be found which and which)

After 2 days of pouring rain, finally I get good weather. The day promises good with blue sky and clouds bucolic: Today we go to the legendary Museum in Monino VVS. I planned the trip carefully and arrive at the Museum ticket without problems to be told that ...... is closed !!!! It is not possible !!!! Protest in Italian and English, but the lady does not know neither one nor the other. But probably senses that are slightly altered and takes me out, He speaks into a walkie talkie and takes me to a gate. I understand that this is the entrance to exposure outdoors and find them the guard who shows me a 8 con le dita. Give him 800 rubles and within: I'm alone in the museum in Monino !!!! A dream come true.

Around me, outdoors, successive planes of which I only heard. Nearly all machines are in good condition and the painting "holds". Probably the "natural metal" of the Soviet camouflage is more resistant rigid climates Russians.

Much of the aircraft on display have loads hung on underwing pylons. Some are fresh paint or otherwise have just been restored. The museum is active a group of enthusiasts who "care" lovingly planes: if you want to take a look at their work can be found at http://aviarestorer.ru/. The text is in Cyrillic, but the photos are interesting and very explanatory.

I do my tour: sometimes I take advantage of the solitude (although in the meantime came another couple of visitors) to jump the fence and bring me a little 'to specimens rarer.

I take off the satisfaction of stroking the wheels of You 95: I'll look like an idiot but it was a great thrill.

A voi le foto….