31 March 2012 - Milan Malpensa

The news runs in the circuit of the fans: landed at Malpensa "Antonov".

Antonov there are many, but among them is one the most coveted: the 225, il Mriya (dream). The largest aircraft in the world.

6 engines over 23 tons of thrust each, 84 mt length almost 90 wingspan. A curb weight of 285 tons that can become 640 Take Off !!!!

In short ... a chance so you can not lose.

The plane is parked next to the cargo, in the area south-west of the airport. The muzzle open, waiting to swallow the load exceptional, consisting of a reactor for a petrochemical plant of Texas, Weight 130 ton and long 28 mt. In addition to this there is also a stripper from "sun" 50 tone.

The load should start to 10, but when I get the operations are stopped: the delay is great and I do the idea that the operations will delay the launch of a lot '.

I take this opportunity to photograph traffic Malpensa which is always varied and interesting. Today there is also the inaugural flight of the reborn Livingston and the new Airbus 320 is passed under an arch of water produced by two trucks of Firemen.

My impression is confirmed on the Internet: takeoff is delayed to 19,00. From the parking area photographer Cargo loading and I think that is falling behind schedule. For me it goes beyond the 20,00.

I move to photograph takeoffs in flight crews, north-west (just below Volandia). And 'the hour of sunset, and the photos are beautiful.

At the end of the take-off is programmed to midnight: too late for photos.

I'm going back home still satisfied: Mriya the next .......