30 June 2013 – German Tank Museum

Yesterday we witnessed the farewell of the glorious F4F Phantom from the ranks of the Luftwaffe, and today we are going to return home. The drive from Bremen Dusseldorf airport is quite long but we have the whole day: The plane leaves at 18:05. We decide to take advantage of the day and visit the famous Panzer Museum Munster, one of the finest museums in the world of tank.

The Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster is located in Munster, lower Saxony, not to be confused with the famous city of Münster located in North Rhine-Westphalia. It’ It was opened in 1983 and it occupies an area of ​​about 9000 square meters of which about 7500 covered.
Inside are tanks, military vehicles, weapons, uniforms, memorabilia and even a couple of planes (G 91 e Alpha Jet).
The main collection is made up of German vehicles of World War IIª (about 40 means) and after World War II that are part of the arsenal of both Germanies. Also there are means of Russians armies, Americans, British and modern wagons as the Israeli Merkava or Stridsvagn 103 Swedish, characterized by the absence of the rotating turret. In the complex there are carts that cover the years 1918 to the 2003.

Among the most valuable pieces dell'A7V a reproduction of Iª World War, one of only 2 Sturmtiger rimasti, one of the prototypes of the Jagdpanzer IV and one of the MBT-70 prototypes, the failed joint project US Army / Bundenswehr.

The wagons, in some points, They are very close and do not allow of easy photo. All, however, they are very well preserved and some even in running conditions.
Overall a great museum that will allow you to see and touch the majority of the most important cars that made the history of this king of the land battles.

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