Witt mouth airfield – 28 June 2013

After 40 years of service, the time has come to bid farewell to the German Phantom. The opportunity presents information about Wittmund, sede del Jagdgeschwader 71, entitled to ace Manfred von Richthofen axis, the Red Baron.

The preparation of the TAE (Air Force Summer Away) 2013 began in November 2012, by booking hotel and flight. Even then, the seats were scarce, given the great participation of fans from every corner of Europe and the world. Eventually we found a hotel in Bremen and the flight to Dusseldorf: will be a great weekend of kilometers.

The departure is scheduled for Thursday 27. Boarding is at 8,25. A flight LH no history brings us to the first stage where we will take a comfortable Opel Astra SW that will accompany these days.

The first day is no aeronautical history. We just go sightseeing in Bremen we discover to be a beautiful city.

The 28 Spotter Day is the day and we go to Wittmund. The weather is infamous: cold, wind, rain, low clouds. The worst is almost everything. There lurk out, along the path of landing. Arrivals are interesting but in these conditions the pictures are really scarce.

The afternoon we enter and we find a static rather rich with different Phantom Special Color and many other planes and helicopters. The only movement is an F 4F that is set in motion every now and delights us with the sound of J 79 full military.

The highlight of the event will be tomorrow. We look forward to seeing what we have prepared the able aviators Teutonic.

Begin to enjoy these