Witt mouth airfield – 29 June 2013

The morning of the big day we wake up with a forecast that does not bode well. We trust in the forecasts that give the improving weather and we move toward Wittmun. We find the road blocked because of flooding and begin to worry. The trust TOMTOM guides us though in the midst of the streets and finally arrive at the remote parking. Shuttles are already in motion and in a flash we are inside dll'aeroporto.

We take a ride to the static already photographed yesterday and we find some surprises: F 18 Spanish two-seater, Tornafo IDS German and English GR4. In return, some have disappeared Phantom Special Color. Probably we will see them in flight later. Today the planes are cordoned off and there is no danger that someone will get in the way between the subject and the camera.

We go to the flight line and there lurk. The weather continues to flagellarci with wind and rain but from afar we start seeing cloudy and even qulche sunburst. Hence by little starts dancing seriously.

Begin to enjoy the photos taken on the morning of the static