2014 – Payerne AIR14 – Air Show sabato 6 September

6 September 2014 – Payerne Air Base

And here we are. They are the 6,30 and, from, entrance to the exit of Payerne. The perfect Swiss organization leads me, within minutes and without any tail, up to the place within the parking. Load all your gear and head for the entrance to the square from where I log in a few minutes. I go immediately to win a place near the barrier and, after laying almost all the merchandise that I carried on the shoulders, armed only with a camera 18-55 mounted, I am going to canonize the static display. The Swiss cousins ​​who organized the display 3 distinct areas. The first is dedicated to the Swiss Air Force, to the second and third planes transposed to modern fighters. The morning before I dedicate myself to leaving the other two at the end of the day.

Display flying start, punctual, to 9,00. There is not much time to devote to aircraft fasteners: performances in flight call! And what performances in flight !!!!

The best European military aviation is all this: Gripen, Gust, Typhoon, F 16 E F 18 alternate with aerobatic teams from Italy, England, Switzerland, United Arab. Amid also flights of two giants civilians: A 340 and the mammoth but graceful A 380. The '380 in particular has impressed for the size (almost 73 mt length 80 wingspan !!) combined with an ability to maneuver truly amazing to behold.

The performance was more impressive military, in my view, that of the Rafale: a demonstration of power truly exceptional. Probably the Typhoon is more “technical” but the French air seems decidedly bad. The beautiful F 16 Zeus greco, with an eye-catching livery and with conformal tank to give a much more “combat” the timeless design of the now elderly Viper. Has lost much of its beauty instead the performance of the F 16 Dutch, in addition to the usual colorful and now decidedly more anonymous, seems to have lost a little’ enamel.

On the aerobatic teams I liked very much the Emirati Al Furusan: seems to have taken the best of PAN, enriching the program with something of Patruille de France, a hint of aggression of the Red Arrows and something original (beautiful crossing of the soloists will follow from 2 lomcevak simmetrici). Bravi !!!!

The day is coming quickly after aviation. The conclusion of the flight program is scheduled for 17:00.

The crowd begins to flow out but I did not hurry. I take this opportunity to take pictures with the 2 remaining static. 2 strokes of luck I expect: visit the cockpit dell'An 26 Hungarian (the photos are which) and those with a beautiful model dressed as a pin-up of the '40s (the photos are which).

Esco from the 19,00 went from a piece. Stasera nanna and presto. Tomorrow we start again……..