6 September 2014 – Payerne

The first day of the 2nd weekend of Air14 ended. The audience starts to flow and, to not get stuck in traffic, I decided to photograph me calmly static, taking advantage of the light rasa sunset.

L'Antonov 26 is a plane that has always fascinated me very. I've flown over now 25 years ago (The pictures can be found on this site, thislink) and now I find myself in front of an exemplary Hungarian Aviation. The ability to get on board appeal to me but I see that the barriers are closed and specialists begin to sbaraccare.

I ask one of the pilots if, please, I fotografare PUO's, with my camera, il cockpit: better than nothing.

He looks at me, you look around, I am concerned and, hand, beckons me: “Come”. I do not do repeat 2 times. Salto le trans-Julienne, backpack and I put everything I had in my hand and I go armed only with a camera and wide angle lens.

The result is this: from the leftmost position of the navigator, proceeding right up to that of the engineer / flight engineer.

I did enjoy.