5 September 2014 – Payerne Air Base

This year's History is made here, a Payerne.

Taking advantage of a very unusual series of events the Swiss Air Force has organized the event of the year here: an air show lasts well 10 days!

This year we celebrate the Helvetian 100 years of the Air Force, i 50 years of the Patrouille Suisse and the 25 years of PC7 Team: and when an opportunity such recapitalization?

i 2 weekend Air Show were organized with flight schedules are all different and, considered the distance from home base I had to pick one of the 2: I chose the 2nd.

Check in then today, Friday 5 September. I take advantage of a delay in the delivery room to go straight to the airport to enjoy the evidence. The weather, this weekend, should be lenient, giving way to sun. Already today gives us a taste and enjoy the evidence of the absence of clouds. Arrival during the midday break and, potendo not entered in airport, I settle on an embankment outside, just behind the mound of spotter.

From this position, I begin to taste what awaits me tomorrow and Sunday: Al Furusan, Spitfire, F 16 Solo Display Greco, Breitling Jet, IF 2000 Solo Display RAF, Sea Fury, and Hawker Hunter take turns in the blue sky. Eventually, icing on the cake, also lands a Mirage 2000 dell'Escadron Hunting 1/2 Cigognes Dijon, a soli 150 Km in the qui.

As I prepare to return to the car, I realize that you can get at the airport and I will not miss the chance. Now I am faced DC 3, C 45, and a wonderful TBM Avenger. I continue toward the center of the airport, where I see the drift of the spire “our” KC 767 and I find, parked on the lawn, Spitfire, P 40, Sea Fury e Yak 3. On the square, accanto al tanker, There are Constellation, B 17, Antonov 26, Let 410, CH 53 German, UH-60 austriacoe a brand new NH 90 the Italian Army.

While all this photographer arrive 2 F 15E USAF di Lakenheath.

Well, I do not know if you realized, This is the appetizer….binge in the next 2 days…..

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