4 September 2015 – Looking Friuli

Begins today, only for spotter, the long weekend organized by the Air Force Italian, to celebrate the 55th birthday of the National Aerobatic Team, the legendary Frecce Tricolori.

What will take place today is the first Spotter Day organized by AOS at a big air show. There had been in smaller events such as rally 5th Wing or the Farewell Falcon (reports can be found which and which) or for 1000 hr flight on the F 16, Trapani (the report can be found which) but, for a solemn occasion like this, it had never been done.

It was about 350 accredited spotters who came together at 8,00 the main gate called the Gold Medal for Military Valour Captain Mario Visintini. Airport Looking (UD) It is home, outset, in 1961, Frecce Tricolori and is the place where, each 5 age, there is the traditional gathering of Acrobatic Patrols (i report del 2005 and 2010 I'm which and which).

The organization was impeccable: entrance with reserved parking, security checks and shuttle bus to the area reserved by the public.

The area was designed as an area for printing 2 days of the event itself. Da lì, always with bus shuttle, one could move in the areas of static and to the 2 Track tested.

After a few minutes I decided, along with many others, to head for the area right next to the head 06 and there I spent the whole day. The time, expected with bad rains extended, was instead a very gracious and warm sunshine accompanied us throughout the day.

The following photos are the evidence of the day