9 July 2015 – Decimomannu

Also this year I spent my holidays in Sardinia. And this year, as early as last year (the photos are which) I took the opportunity to make a detour from Decimomannu.

Party in the early morning, the trusts Focus has devoured the road that separates San Teodoro from Tenth and 8.45 I was already in the header 17, ready for the first take-offs.

Present on the airport “John Farina” Eurofighters are all equipped with this machine Flocks Italian Air Force: 4th, 36 ° and 37 °. All 9,30, slightly ahead of schedule, begin takeoffs from 35, given the Mistral wind that blows through the territory, thankfully without the usual rush.

Immediately notice a particular: Typhoon also the 4th and the 37th Wing, to vocation purely “fighter”, mountain in the central pillar pod “Litening III” for the description and the pointing of laser-guided bombs, thus revealing that even the pilots of Grosseto and Trapani train for the launch of these weapons. Un EF 2000 the 37th was mounting even to the roots wing pylons to transport and launch of Paveways and JDAMs.

The second surprise in the wave of take-offs of the morning: the 37-30, the first two-seater of the 37th of Trapani, unfortunately transfer, since not returned to day. All Eurofighter took off without use of the afterburner.

The EF 2000 in configuration “fighter” flew with 2 tanks subalari, il pod FPR (Flight Profile Recorder) Biehl of Defence on the station of right end and a statue of the missile IRIS-T on the left. The FPR pod has now replaced the small cylinder-like Sidewinder transmitting the data of the polygon ACMI, disused.

After the succession of takeoffs I moved on the runway 35 to photograph landings. While waiting for the welcome arrival of a German Transall, now close to the well-deserved retirement.

The afternoon program was more or less equal, with takeoffs to 13.45 about.

In definitiva …… Tenth is always worth a visit to the journey.

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