4 May 2015 – Southern Sardinia

The new Air Force HH 139A is continuously tested in the roles already established by previous machines under the 15th Wing. Among these, the fire has definitely a considerable importance, especially on an island like Sardinia, annually severely tested by this type of disaster (two examples you can find them which and which). This important work is done with the use of a Bambi Bucket (Folding basket) hooked to the barycentric hook which is filled into any body of water.

From 28 April 28 May, starting from the base of Decimomannu, there were the tests, using this combination, who committed crews AOS fifty hours of flight and made it possible to qualify the role 4 crews.

The friend Roberto Zanda failed to seize the opportunity to photograph some moments of delicate maneuver of filling the basket, and he decided to share with friends Aviaspotter event. Thanks Steve.

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