14 May 2015 – Konya EU (TK)

A great recognition for the Italian Air Force men.

Last 14 May, at the end of the exercises provided during Tiger Meet 2015, this year held on Konia Air Base, in Turkey, “Tigers” of 21 Squadron of the 9th Wing, normally allocated on the basis of Grazzanise, They were awarded the prestigious “Silver Tiger Trophy”.

The adventure had begun the 4 May, with the transfer of a forty of them (between flight crews and technicians) the following 2 AB 212ICO, to attend the 54th edition of the NATO Tiger Meet.

Tigers Grazzanise participated in several missions of type 'Personnel Recovery', ‘Combat Search and Rescue’, ‘Hostage Rescue’ e ‘Direct Action’. Their work was particularly appreciated by colleagues Turks, French, Swiss and Poles (equipped with F 16, F 18 e Rafale) who participated in joint exercises, both gives meritargli, at the end, the conquest of the trophy.

The only Italian precedent dates back to 1998, when the Tigers by 21 °, then equipped with the Tornado ADV, They were awarded. It is thus the first time that the acknowledgment is delivered to a trim rotorcraft.

Un thick BRAVO! then the Italian soldiers who held the honor of our Air Force and Italy all.

Here below 3 photos, courtesy of the Air Force, with photos of the award ceremony