This year was held, on the airport “Locksmiths” Viterbo, the largest exercise in Europe for military helicopters.

“Italian Blade 2015″ He involved, from 22 June 5 July, Military 7 nations, in addition to field about 30 helicopters of each gender and dimension, have resulted in the polygons in central Italy nearly 1000 men and women of the various armed forces involved.

IB15 is part of '”Helicopter Exercise Programme” conducted by the European Agency for the Defense, which it is responsible for implementing standards and capacities between countries contributors waves him acquire higher levels of interoperability.

The 7 nations involved were: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary over, of course, the host country.

Among the machines involved we have seen both old favorites, I come venerable Mi 17, My 24 e UH 1, is the latest generation machines, come NH 90 e EH 101.

The special formula of exercise has allowed us to see really special situations, as a German contingent that disembarked from an EH 101 Navy Italian while I 18 Hungarian with the eloquent side pylons was escorting.

The photo shoot, for the first time in the history of Aviaspotter, it's not mine. The photos are of her friend Irene Pantaleoni that has kindly made available. Thanks Irene!!!!

Here they are