13 June 2015 – Milan Malpensa

Today is a great day.

Finally (thanks Roby, thanks Mirko !!!) I managed to make a spotterata from a truly magnificent location: the terrace of the Control Tower of Malpensa.

The control tower rises to 80 meters high and is located east of the airport, right next to the terminal 1, between this and the Cargo City.

Top floor, just below the radar that dominates, It is the Control Room, dove lavorano i Controllori che provvedono a regolare il traffico a terra, takeoffs and landings on 2 parallel runways from 3920 mt. of length. All around the room, outside of the same, there is the terrace: a truly formidable to observe and photograph the traffic at each point of the abutments.

Unfortunately the meteorological today are really at the limit of workable: leaden clouds cover the sky and the sun struggles to penetrate. Also a slight haze limited visibility, It makes the air opaque and light a little’ milky.

Saturday, a quest’ora, it is not time to be wide-bodies and so the traffic is concentrated on Boeing 737 and the family of machines Airbus A 318-319 and 320. Airbus do the lion's share, anche e soprattutto grazie a Easy Jet che a Malpensa ha basato la sua seconda flotta come numero di aeromobili, after that allocated on London Gatwick. The only exceptions are a '330 Alitalia landing on 35L and a' 767 Ethiopian who is moved on the square.

To you photos…..