Milan Malpensa – 25 February 2015

Today I decided: I go to Malpensa. There's An 225 Mriya ground and different directions to give takeoff 16:30: maybe it's the right time.

When I get to the parking lot of Ferno I see the parking, where I had already seen 3 years ago. The first warm days of the year already cause glare from the runway and the air does not help trembling in photographs at a distance. I try to approach and I go to the head 35L. Unfortunately, the construction of the new Cargo City has moved on and between the external enclosure and the Antonov is a new network to about 6 meters: the worst thing there is. I take a few photos but I am not satisfied. Meanwhile the news report a new delay in the take-off, which will take place at night.

The disappointment is maximum and I can only go to photograph some of the side takeoff from Alitalia.

Luckily the sun behind the clear air and allow me to do some nice pictures. Do you see also, after a long time that did not fly more, convertiplane AW 609 with a new black matte: very attractive but very difficult to photograph.

Eventually I come away satisfied anyway: I saw a little’ aircraft and I rested. What to want more out of life?

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