21 June 2015 – Parma

First day of summer 2015 and what better time for a nice Air Show. And so here we are, Parma, in a beautiful day, sunny and hot, to assist edition 2015 the air show organized by the lease Aeroclub. The lineup promises juicy, with the presence of lookouts Air Force (Frecce Tricolori and EF 2000 Typhoon in testa) and the leading ladies of the panorama national aeronautical: MB 326 Renzo Catellani, T 6 e G 59 Pino Valenti, Yak 9 Paul and Gavazzi, its premiere, yl these 211 del team MJET Project, coming directly from his base in Genoa.

L’air Show si apre, on time, a HH 139 the 15th Wing of the Air Force that, after you remove the Italian flag on the track, It gives a demonstration of his skills “Search and Resque”. Follow Warbirds propeller with performances tightened: before the T 6 Texan, then the Yak 9, immediately followed by the G 59. The sun is sadly the front and the photos are quite difficult.

The aerobatic team of the Swiss P 3 Flyers sports trainer Swiss quality, followed by the first performance of the SIAI 211 dell’MJET Project: if the premises are these….there is to hope. The CAP 231, in the hands of Rudy Christmas, shows the public what can a stunt plane last generation but the mouth remains wide open after the performance of the Yak 52 Gyula Vari, that makes us see what, however, He manages to make a trainer of the late 70.

The level Air Show, already very high, rises further with the arrival of the magnificent orange Macchino Renzo Catellani, a passage after the other, It showcases its quality, before handing the sky field the Italian Air Force.

The first machine to perform is the AW 149 Department of Flight Test that, Investigators in the capable hands of military, makes the public see of Parma the excellent performance of this machine of the latest generation in the class of 7/8 tons at takeoff.

Immediately after the sky is pierced by the sound of 2 EJ-200 in full-AB del Typhoon: 8 minutes of pure adrenaline!!!

The event closes, as usual, with the aerobatic team. This time, the Frecce Tricolori come from behind, low and with the fumes turned tricolor. Suddenly appear from behind the hangar and the public part suffered the first applause. Some aircraft already shows the new livery for the 55th birthday will be celebrated with dignity in the event to be held the next 5 and 6 September Looking del Friuli: the home of the Arrows.

The blue sky is soon veiled by white smoke and colored PAN until the Tricolor longest in the world is stretched to the tune of “Nessun dorma” Master Pavarotti.

No way……Arrows are always Arrows.

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