29 agostoo 2016 – Decimomannu Air Base

In these days it is taking place, in the base of Decimomannu, in Sardinia, what it appears to be the last redeployment of Luftwaffe Eurofighters in Sardinia.
Unfortunately, in fact, the German Air Force has decided that the Tenth no longer need to maintain a permanent detachment and, from now on, could use more polygons around Europe.

But meanwhile let's enjoy the photos sent by our friend Roberto Zanda. It is 2 copies of A 4N Skyhawk of Discovery Air, normally based in Wittmund, casa del leggendario Tactical Air Force Squadron 71 “Richthofen”, and, per l’occasione, redeployed to the sun of Sardinia. Some photos of the copies of the Wittmund you can also find in the facts photo shoots for the farewell to the German Phantom (which and which)

Discovery Air is a Canadian agency, owns several aircraft high performance that are used by different aircraft during exercises of their pilots. It has in inventory 7 A car and 4N 2 TA tandem 4J well as well 16 Alpha Jet. In recent years they have been equipped with new equipment including HUD, TCAS, a new TACAN, all integrated into a new Glass Cockpit. This equipment allows to carry out bombing missions Scooter (course with simulated weapons or training), Aggressor, towing targets, flight refueling, and more. The machines also keep seats Escapac IG 3 to allow the launch of the pilot in the event of problems. The planes are registered in Canada, bring civil brands and a beautiful flag with the maple leaf on the drift. A rischierato specimen has also stems on a spectacular red R, the first ace of aces Manfred von Richthofen, in memory of the former base.

Nuff said….here are the pictures