6-7 September 2016 – Decimomannu Air Base


Continues the redeployment of Luftwaffe in Decimomannu and continues, always thanks to my friend Roberto Zanda, The event report.
Taking advantage of the excellent meteorological conditions of Sardinia we can now present to all the friends of Aviaspotter.it truly remarkable photos and rich in detail. IF 2000 Typhoon single and two-seater, A 4 Skyhawk and Learjet alternate on the blue sky of Southern Sardinia.
You are clearly seen the details of the pilots on board, Moreover, begin to be extensively used the HMSS (Helmet Mounted Simbology System).

We thank Roberto allowing us almost to be present on the hill and Tenth, at this point, we await the Typhoon photo of JG 71 “Richthofen”, expected in the coming weeks.

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