12 October 2017 – Lakenheath Air Force Base

While at Axalp he consumed the last day of shooting at the range at high altitude, Our correspondent in the land of Albion, Irene, He did his best to give readers AviaSpotter.it photos of redeployment in Europe by stealth American jewel: the F 22A Raptor.

The planes, part of the 27th and the 94th Fighter Squadron stationed on Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, They took part, together with 15C and F and the 48th Fighter Wing and several RAF aircraft exercise Eastern Zephyr. During the redeployment, 2 of them were sent, along with 1 KC 135 Stratotanker Mildenhall and 10 support men, on the airport Polish Powidz, where, however, they shall only be detained 1 day. Who was going to see them do not bother: the Raptor went home the 20 October.

The occasion, as often happens at Lakenheath was invaluable to other photograph passing aircraft as KC 10 e C 17, in addition to 60G Pave Hawk HH the 56th / 57th Rescue Squadron at home.

The month of October, Britain is notoriously inclement but even bad weather and the infamous Anglo humidity were able to stop it. Our photographer, undaunted, He defied the weather and led to the exceptional picture house.