9 April 2017 – Milan Malpensa Airport

Today, again thanks to the Clipper friends – Italian Association of Friends of Aviation (which their website), I had a second chance to enter the year in Malpensa airport to photograph the movement more interesting.

After the checks rituals we were taken to an initial review of the aircraft on the square where we could photograph the Boeing B 787 The Ethiopian Dreamliner, l’Airbus A 320 Ernest and the Boeing B 747-400 Drug di Italia.

This time the chosen spot for taking pictures of the movements was located near the de-iceing pitch, immediately next to the runway 35L. This point allows you to be really close to planes that are conveyed to the connection GW, that allows the entry end of the runway. It's also right next to the Cargo.

Among the most interesting aircraft that are paraded before today feature definitely B 777 Emirates and Cathay Pacific, The B 747-800 Cargo of the Cathay Pacific Cargo and the new Airbus A 350 Singapore Airlines. All of these machines have been through really very close, so that in some cases I had to pull off the Canon 10-18 STM in order to photograph the plane from nose to tail.
About 14,30 It ended on time at our disposal and we brought to the exit. But we have had the opportunity to follow the push-back operations of A 380 Emirates and, subsequently, to be able to resume its takeoff from privileged position.

In definitiva, Once again, it was a very beautiful day full of prey. The next opportunity will be at night, the 9 May.

For now these beccatevi…