Kleine-Brogel – 7, 8 and 9 September 2018

Thanks to our Irene Pantaleoni we can enjoy some pictures from one of the largest European events of airmen 2018, il Belgian Air Force Days, which took place on the basis of Kleine-Brogel in the first WE of September.
2 the undisputed headliner: the Sukhoi Su 27 Ukraine Air Force and Lockheed F 35 Lightning II Italian Air Force, on his first outing in a European Air Show.
I 3 days on the main airport Aviation Belgian however, they have given way to the fans present to enjoy the view of the most important European military aircraft, Typhoon, Gust, Gripen, Hornet and Falcon on all. L’F 35 It has been shown in solo flight arrival, Friday, allowing himself only in a static weekend, while the Flanker has performed his incredible performance every day, leaving open-mouthed over 70000 visitors of the event. The weather was very generous, offering blue skies and warm.

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