Milan Linate [LIML] – 13 October 2019

And here we are today.
The appetizer yesterday was very interesting (you can find it which), but today the public will be the big events and can not go away disappointed.
Unfortunately the weather is, if possible, much worse than yesterday. The horizontal visibility, Yesterday already very penalizing, It is much worse: from the stands it is hard to distinguish the control tower. If the issue does not improve, take pictures will be very problematic.

It unfortunately does not improve much, rather, the sky will also cover a bit '. And at 13:30, start time of the air show, the only solution is to raise the ISO.
Today there is some new intervention: a Boeing B 787-9 NEOS, in his elegant white-blue livery made some steps lower on the track, in different configurations, making the audience appreciate its quiet and elegant lines and futuristic.
Another interesting addition that the new Aermacchi trainer, T he 345, It intended to replace the venerable MB 339, both in the 61 ° Stormo file Galatina that in those of the Tricolor Arrows. The newcomer was presented, even without staining, with his older brother T 346 and, at the time of separation, It made a tonnea axle definitely fast, doing foretaste of what could be its performance in the National Acrobatic file.

Another small change insertion, within the formation of 4 AMX 51 ° Stormo, the Special Color realized to celebrate 30 year presence of the Army in the Ghibli file.
Aggressive steps today AMX, F 35 and, above all, Tornado, who graced the ears of 150.000 participants thronged the grounds of Henry Forlanini.
Even today, the Frecce Tricolori, with a superb and particularly precise exhibition, they closed, this time with the complete top program, l’Air Show.

It remains the regret of having to wait a lifetime to see an air show at Linate. And the knowledge that, per me, Sara, in all probability, also the last I'll see of this grass.

The photos today, In many cases, They are pretty much for the record, but the same gustatevele