23 June 2019 – Punta Marina (Ravenna)

It took place, on Punta Marina (OUT) Air Show in the main Italian summer 2019.
All very interesting airplanes which have marched along the shoreline.

From civilian aerobatic teams (Team Yakitalia e We-Fly Team), the interventions of the acrobats solo (CAP 231 a. Pesenato), by flights of aircraft in formation Training Legend (con T 6 Texan, G 46, SF 260 e MB 326) or by Stelio Frati jewels, o deli HAG, all interventions were highly appreciated by the bystanders.
When he began the interventions of helicopters and airplanes of various Armed Forces the audience literally went into raptures: NH 90 the Navy and Army Italian, AW 109 Carabinieri, AW 129 Army Mangusta, AW 139 Air Force, Guardia di Finanza and the Coast Guard have interspersed performances of civilians, keeping the tension high.
Then they began the steps of “heavy metal” and excitement rose further:  after a passage of a KC 767 escorted by a Typhoon came the turn of a flaming F 35 che Lightning II, arrived with an escort of 2 AMX has also made some steps, one of which with the holds open armament. Here came a KC 130J that supplied 2 HH 101A Ceasar, Eurofighter ahead of the performances and of the C 27 Spartan of the Department of Flight Test.

At this point the excitement was already at the maximum but the arrival of the National Acrobatic Patrol has, if possible, further raised the patos.
A flawless performance of the Frecce Tricolori and the tricolor world's longest sealed this day, followed by RAI on national television.

Our friend Irene has been following us for the event and has canonized everything possible, then…. enjoy the pictures:

Text: AviaSpotter.it
Photo:   Irene Pantaleoni