25 May 2020 – Milan

The Frecce Tricolori they took off today from Rivolto to fly over the cities of Trento, Codogno, Milan, Turin and Aosta and give a big one Tricolor hugand to all Italians.
In this article you will find all the photographs of me and of the friends who sent me their testimonies.
The first to send them to me is Roberto, of which I had already had the pleasure of publishing photos of the first F 35B in flight on Cameri (the photos are which).
I also thank Laura from Milan and Romina from Turin who sent me their videos that you find mounted below. Romina also sent us a photo that you find in the gallery.

Personally I managed to photograph the overflying of Milan, occurred in an easterly direction–>west, with passage over the Duomo.

The conditions were favorable but the flare of the sun put a hand in it, thanks to the distance, the photos are very little engraved.
I am publishing them for pure documentation, with the gem of the passage with the background of B 747-8 of the Cathay Cargo approaching Malpensa.

To you photos