13 January 2020 – Decimomannu

The 2020 It brings a breath of fresh air and activities for the air base of Decimomannu. The Base has hosted four F16 and 25 avieri del 510th Fighter Squadron del 31st Fighter Wing di Aviano, Bilateral engaged in exercise Agile Combat Employment (ACE), the new operating concept in the process of development by the USAF. This includes the possibility for the air forces operate in places with different levels of support than the former bases, maintaining the ability to operate at maximum power.
Also, with these exercises, They are trained specialists partner Air Force to operate on American aircraft, to improve interoperability. Part of the exercise was devoted to Airmen practicing of ICT (Integrated Combat Turns): basically they stocked up on weapons and the fuel F 16 while the engine was in motion. Later, the airplanes and ridecollavano, after having accomplished their mission, mother fell to the Aviano Base.

A great opportunity for the staff of the 510th and the Air Force this basis, improve and refine operational skills and tactics.

The exercise is completed in the best way, thanks to favorable weather conditions as usually happens in the island.

Thanks to our photographer Robero Zanda, we can show you some pictures of the arrival of F 16C of Buzzards on the airport Sardinian