The Italians return from Wuhan by the military aircraft KC767A Air Force ended with landing in Pratica di Mare

Beheaded by Sea Sunday Practice 2 February 2020, theKC767Aof 14 ° Stormo, made available by the Operational Command Summit (WATCH), He reported in Italycountrymen who were in Wuhan, in China, because of the Coronavirus. The aircraft, with on board 56 Italian including six children,  and the crew consists of 4 pilots, 6 board operators and a medical team consisting of 4 military and 2 civilians, It landed at around 10:00 on’airport of Pratica di Mare after about 12 flight hours.

an intenseteamwork between the control Pratica di Mare Airport, 3rd Wing Villafranca and the Service of the Military Medical, It has provided the necessary security framework for the acceptance of passengers and military personnel on board, all subjected to an initial screening by trained military medical team.

Through’preparation of a pitched area and the unit operational use of chemical defense, batteriologica, Radiological and Nuclear Armed Force, specialists in the 3rd Wing have guaranteed the necessary support both for the realization of the logistic field composed of 4 pneumatic marquees dedicated totriage, both for the positioning of the modular tensile supplied Infirmary Main di Mare Practice for the’bio-containment activities.

The patients, After the initial screening, They were transferred to the military Citadel Cecchignola where they will be subjected to a further period of quarantine for two weeks, maximum incubation time of the virus.

All activity of theDefense sector It was developed in coordination with theMinistry of Health and theMinistry of Foreign Affairs

The Operational Command vertex is established as Organ of Staff of the Chief of the Defense Staff for planning, coordination and direction of military operations, the joint national and multinational exercises and activities related to them. The COI, in addition to, is the entry point for all applications for operational competitions provided by the Armed Forces / General Command of the Carabinieri to other institutional authority in Italy, during natural disasters and in cases of extraordinary need and urgency. For these operations, he is responsible for directing, coordination and control of activities.

The 3rd Wing depends on the Head of the Media of the Logistic Command A.M Service. (Roma), It is based on the airport of Villafranca di Verona and acts as a “initial strategic facilitator” the logistics capabilities of the Air Force Projection.

The Health Service of the Logistics Command Air Force cooperates closely with the reference hospitals in Italy, high professional competence: the Institute for Research and Treatment of Infectious Diseases “Lazzaro Spallanzani” Rome and the Hospital “Luigi Sacco” from Milan.

The construction and operation of the line for the biological decontamination of personnel, of that for internal biological decontamination pitched to infrastructure, to vehicles and aircraft, is one of the excellences of the Air Force is to care for the sick and for the execution of the transport procedures.


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