Assisi – 4 October 2020

On the day that celebrates the patron saint of Italy, in the year of the centenary of the patron saint of aviators, the Frecce Tricolori have spread, as a sign of unity and solidarity with the whole country, the longest tricolor in the world on the basilica of Assisi, burial place of San Francesco.
In the video below, the passage seen from the perspective of the same pilots of the largest National Aerobatic Team in the world.

and in the following the recovery (carried out by his friend Stefano Carloni) from the churchyard of the Basilica.

On the occasion of the party, the Commander of the Frecce Tricolori, T. Col. Gaetano Farina, handed over to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the painting 2020 the National Aerobatic Team


Photo and video: Air force, Weapon of the Carabinieri, Stefano Carloni