October 2020 – Decimomannu Air Base

After a particularly hot summer, the A.W.T.I.. of Decimomannu was further heated by the various assets of the Air Force present in the Sardinian base for the Personnel Recovery Week, exercise for crews involved in the recovery missions of military personnel in hostile territory.
A particularly favorable weather favored the protagonists of this edition: the Eurofighter Typhoon of the 4th, 36°, 37° and 51 ° Stormo and the HH-101A and HH-139A helicopters of the 15th Stormo.
They also participated, from their membership bases, also CAEW aircraft (Conformal Airborne Early Warning) of the 14 ° Stormo and the MQ-1C Predator A + of the 32 ° Stormo as well as the staff of the 17 ° Stormo.
Il nostro inviato in servizio permanente effettivo Roberto Zanda ci ha fornito la copertura fotografica esterna dell’evento, catturando i protagonisti e gli ulteriori frequentatori di LIED.

Enjoy photos

Photo: Roberto Zanda
Text: AviaSpotter.it