16 October 2021 – Money

In Volandia-Museum of Flight, in Case Nuove in Somma Lombardo (will), the book "Patient Mission - Birth and development of the helicopter rescue in Lombardy" was presented, written by journalists Francesca Guido and Francesca Indraccolo.

This event was an opportunity to present one of the most representative helicopters in the sector, l'Agusta-Westland AW 169.
Coming directly from the Vergiate plant, it is one of the last examples built and the set-up has yet to be completed. From the information collected he will have to take service from Alidaunia who will use it soon from one of the hospitals in the center-south of the peninsula.

L’AW 169 is a light twin engine that was presented to the public at the Farnborough show 2010 and made its first flight on 10 May 2021.  It’ was designed to have a maximum take-off weight of 4 800 kg and this places it in an intermediate position within the range of the company, among the smaller AW109, helicopter a 8 seats with 3 400 kg, and the larger AW139, helicopter with 15 places and 7 000 kg. The '169 can be configured for a maximum of 11 places.
In the case of the specimen present in Volandia, the aircraft was configured with the seats of the 2 pilots, a stretcher e 5 seats for rescuers.

The classic yellow livery of the helicopter rescue machines makes it stand out in the deep blue sky that the Lombard autumn gives us today.
The helicopter is set up with skids under the retractable wheels, the winch (Alidaunia) Alidaunia.