8-11 July 2016 – Fairford Air Base

Even this year was held in Fairford, in Gloucestershire, the traditional Royal Air Tattoo.

The edition 2016 the legendary airshow promised to be one of the richest in recent years, with the participation of F 22 Raptor dell’ USAF e, for the first time in Europe, the brand new Lockheed Martin F 35 in versions A (conventional) and B (short takeoff and vertical landing).
In addition to American lookouts outline was still rich: F 16 only Turkish, Belgian and Greek, Ramex Delta, IF 18 Spanish, IF 2000 English and Italian, A400, C 27, MiG 29 to name the first that come to mind. Even large aerobatic teams were well represented with Red Arrows and Frecce Tricolori on all.
Our friend Irene participated in the 4 days highlights of the event, unfortunately characterized by meteorological suboptimal. Wind and rain in flashes were made to feel their effects for almost all the time.

The result is what you see below
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