8 January 2015

Dear Friends

Just as they did last year, publish calendars airports Swiss military. I remember that on these calendars you can find the dates of closure of the slopes, periods of night flights, any tutorials and many other interesting things.

To date have been published calendars Meiringen, Sion e Emmen:

  • The Meiringen – Although it does not say on the calendar, we know that from 21 to the 24 January, depart from here the aircraft involved in CAP to protect the World Economic Forum in Davos. Space then to F 5 E F 18 weaponry “live”, during a particularly tempting for all spotter. I remember that Meiringen has remained one of the few bases Swiss (perhaps now the only) where the external enclosure remained suitable for passionate: now also Payerne is surrounded by a high network that does not allow photos of a time;
  • Sion – Remains one of the most active Air Force bases and Switzerland allows photos always interesting
  • Emmen – Even this airport, normal site of the Patrouille Suisse, allows interesting photos
  • Payerne – The most important airport of the Air Force Switzerland always offers interesting insights. Besides, it will be the only airport where you can, until the end of 2015, photographing F 5 Tiger II, now discontinued.
  • Locarno – The small airport of Ticino allows shooting propeller planes (PC 6, PC 7 and PC 9), Super Puma helicopters and EC 635 and, towards the end of the year, Also drone ADS95

For airports missing you will be promptly notified as soon as available.

To download the calendars just click on the images below

Emmen 2015The Meiringen 2015Sion 2015