30 December 2013

Dear Friends

in recent years, the Air Force of the nearby Swiss Confederation, has always published, for major military airports, calendar of events. On these calendars you can find the dates you see, in action, the various means of Schweizer Luftwaffe, the closing dates of the slopes, periods of night flights and many other news.

Have been published in the official calendar for the airports of Meiringen, Payerne, Emmen, Sion e Locarno

. As Meiringen, Already at the turn of February and March, when the sediment is still occupied by the snow and the pictures are more suggestive, There will be exercises in the polygon with the magical pair F 5 Tiger II e F 18 Hornet. An excellent opportunity to photograph these beautiful thoroughbred air.

A Emmen there are flights of Patrouille Suisse training and an opportunity to see various Hornet and Tiger.

A Sion, flights are to be reported to protect the WEF 2014 Davos, in the days that go by 22 to the 26 January. What better opportunity to see F 5 E F 18 in flight with armament Live?

In Locarno there are helicopters, trainers and the PC 7 Team.

Finally, last but not least, Payerne. In addition to all the events of the year is exercise that gray vertical line, at the turn of August and September, with the inscription Air '14, to indicate what is shaping up as the largest European aviation event of the year. All that remains is to download the files, rigorous in PDF format, to be able to see comfortably. To download the file, click on the images below:


The Meiringen 1payerne 1 Sion 1 emmen2014jan2014_2hours.parsys.47235.Image




[warning] !!!! LATEST TIME !!!! In the final calendar 2014 Zion is the confirmation that flights will depart from there for the WEF. You can begin to prepare for the trip and charge the camera batteries !!!! [/warning]