updating: 18 January 2016

Dear Friends

As it was done in previous years, publish calendars airports Swiss military. I remember that on these calendars you can find the dates of closure of the slopes, periods of night flights, any tutorials and many other interesting things. The surveillance flights for the WEF (from 18 to the 24 January 2016) They will originate from Payerne, bearing in Meiringen and Sion as alternating in bad weather.

To date have been published calendars Meiringen, Sion e Payerne

  • The Meiringen – This year will be the alternate for the WEF. In the days since 18 to the 24 January could be possible to see movements of F 18 weaponry “live”. Also, in June, will celebrate 75 years the airport with a grand air show. In blue periods when there will also be the Tiger.
  • Sion – Zion will also alternate the WEF Annual Meeting, with the same possibilities of Meiringen
  • Payerne – The main base Aviation Switzerland will be the departure airport for the CAP of Davos, the WEF. Therefore it will be possible to photograph Hornet and Tiger with live weapons on take off and landing on this sediment from 18 to the 24 next January.
  • Emmen – The base is home to the Acrobatic Switzerland, mitica the Patrouille Suisse. Here you can see the training of F 5 white and red Tiger aerobatic, as well as various trades reported on the program

For airports missing you will be promptly notified as soon as available.

To download the calendars in PDF format, click on the images below

  • The Meiringen


  • Sion


  • Payerne


  • Emmen