The 2015 It draws to a close, and arrives on the calendar. As usual you will find the summary in 12 photos.

The year was marked by the event of Looking: 3 days of full immersion aviation to mark its 55 Years of Frecce Tricolori. Find also pictures from Meiringen, taken during the flights for the WEF and the all'Axalp shots. More photos are from Malpensa, taken upon the arrival of the giant Antonov 225.

Last but not least, 2 Photos fruit of the first external collaborations of aviaspotter: Irene and Robert have made important contributions in the past months.

The calendar is on 2 pages, to be printed and bound in half duplex, and it comes with a full-page picture in the upper and lower calendar.

Aviaspotter continuing its activities in the 2016. Do not miss a visit under the snow in Meiringen where, Moreover, in June there will be an air show to celebrate 75 years the airport: aviaspotter ci sarà.

We look forward to the Italian and European calendars to know where we will conduct in the coming months, the TAE 2016 (Air Force Summer Away). See you then.

To download the calendar just to click on the photo below