I want to report to all of this initiative, which I consider interesting.
With the advent of digital newspapers “paper” are less and less considered but, personally, I believe that turning the pages of a magazine, lounging on a comfortable sofa, It is a pleasure that is hard to equal.
And when the pages are illustrated with beautiful photographs of planes, the pleasure is multiplied to the nth.
It’ the case of this new publishing initiative of the Drafting JP4 Monthly Aeronautica, the oldest Italian aviation magazine. As reported on the statement of the Chief Editor, photos were taken by Gian Carlo Vecchi during his ground services, in Grottaglie Base, boarded ship Cavour, above all, and Volo, con splendide immagini Air to Air. 48 Color pages with over 100 images, almost all unpublished.

I do not I'll let you escape

The special will be on sale by the end of September 2018 or for sale on the site www.jp4aeronautica.net.