Roma, 09 April 2020


The Air Force, in emergency due consideration to Covid-19, announced that the air show scheduled for 19 and 20 September 2020 Looking at the air base, to celebrate the 60th season of the National Aerobatic Team, It was postponed to 2021 date to be.
The postponement was decided in the light of the emergency situation in progress, that requires all joints of Defense to use every resource available to combat the spread of the virus and to ensure the protection of health as a fundamental right, In compliance with the provisions of the recent Prime Ministerial Decree.
The Air Force is committed daily and seamless in its mission to serve the country and is also deployed on the front COVID-19, which it provides personnel, structures and materials to provide a constant support to citizens and other institutions.
A difficult decision but thoughtful,  taken with the awareness of what the Frecce Tricolori are for fans, for the country and for all those (Local societies, Institutions and Companies) they had actually expressed interest in supporting the organization of this event. But at the same time a decision is absolutely necessary and consistent so that we can as soon as possible, with greater strength and tenacity, get out of this state of emergency.
Regarding Airlines Events in Italy who is expected to attend the PAN and / or other assets of the Air Force, any communications cancellation / postponement of the same will be provided by the organizing bodies in coordination with the Aeroclub of Italy.
In the hope that the current situation will soon give way to a new growing season, development and recovery for the country, Frecce Tricolori will return to embrace their audience with warmth, carrying the Tricolor in the skies of Italy and the rest of the world, as soon as conditions allow.

Air force
General Office of the Chief of Staff 2nd Office "Public Information – Relations with the news media "

Source: Air force