About me

My name is Fabio Tognolo and I was born in Milan in 1965. I have been passionate about aircraft since I was a child, especially military.

I graduated in Aeronautical Engineering in 1985 and, like many other, I tried the way the Air Force Academy. Pathway, as for many other, closed immediately.

The passion has remained and I've grown with photography and computer.

In the 1997 I founded, together with some friends, 68 ° Club Frecce Tricolori "LEONARDO"

Using Canon equipment since 1986. I started from T 70, then the legendary T 90 and then I came to autofocus with the EOS 5. I switched to digital in 2005 with the EOS 20D and then, in 2010, I switched to the EOS 7D, replaced in turn in 2015 from an EOS 70D.

Currently I use 2 camera bodies: il principale è una Canon EOS 6D Mk 2 and the secondary an EOS 700D, on which I mount Canon lenses (50 f/1.8, 28-105 USM e 70-300 f/4.0-5.6 L IS USM) e Sigma (150-600 f / 5-6.3 DG OS HSM C)

Info: fabio@aviaspotter.it