PRESS RELEASE N° 3 – UPDATE 20 March 2024

Two new events plus an update.
A link has been released to book entry to the 6th Wing in Ghedi, the 27 March. You can find it by clicking on the first poster to the left of 3 which you find in this press release.
The evening of 27, to 19:00, with free entry, the Air Force Band will perform at the Rome airport, smell. All information by clicking on the 2nd poster.
Finally, it is once again possible to book visits to the Higher Directorate for Studies and Experiences, located inside Guidonia airport. I talked about it in my article on the 60th Wing which you can find which. All the information by clicking on the 3rd poster.




PRESS RELEASE N° 2 – UPDATE 19 March 2024

An important event, which does not fit into the 101st birthday celebrations, but which will not fail to attract many enthusiasts, and the farewell of AMX, which will happen next 5 April at Istrana airport, headquarters of the 51st Wing.
Also in this case you need to register to access. You can find all the information which




PRESS RELEASE N° 1 – UPDATE 18 March 2024

A year has passed since the Centenary of the Air Force, but the Armed Forces wants to continue the good initiatives of last year along the lines of continuity.
The 27 next March they are already 3 the airports that published the news of the opening: Ghedi, Decimomannu and Cervia. By clicking on the images on the side you will open the poster full screen, where you will find information relating to the event.
CAUTION! In some cases it is necessary to register: Read the instructions on the posters carefully.






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