Flight school, Latina: the 70th Wing dedicates a day to the students of the Pontine Province

Latina, 15 March 2024

Young students, who will know the reality and commitment of the Air Force up close, they will have the opportunity to attend an aerobatic training of the Frecce Tricolori

Tuesday 19 March, at the “Enrico Comani” airport, headquarters 70° Air Force Wing, - in agreement with the Province and the Education Authority of Latina - a day dedicated to the students of schools of all levels in the Pontine province will take place.

The over three thousand young students expected will thus have the opportunity to get to know the reality of the first hand Flight School pontine, understanding its mission, activities and facilities, and immerse yourself for a day in the reality of the Air Force and learn about its institutional tasks and daily commitment to the community through a dedicated promotional stand and the presence of a recreational simulator of the Frecce Tricolori. On the occasion, students will also be able to attend a practice session of the National Acrobatic Team (PAN), who will carry out one of the training sessions scheduled annually at the 70th Wing before the start of the aerobatic season at airports far from the Rivolto headquarters.

There was also an information stand at the event, to support research, of the Italian Association for the Fight against Neuroblastoma.

The event is open only to schools in the province of Latina and to local political authorities.

The 70° Stormo is placed under the Air Force Schools Command and 3rd Air Region based in Bari and for over sixty years it has carried out the institutional tasks of selecting and training future military pilots of the Air Force, the other Armed Forces and State Armed Corps, as well as cadets from other Nations. The Pontine Flight School has released, until today, beyond 15.000 piloting patents, making a total of approx 500.000 flight hours.

Contact points: 70° STORMO “G. C. Graziani"

Maggiore MOLLI Marco
Ufficiale Pubblica Informazione
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1° Luogotenente COSTA Marco
Reparto Logistica
Presidente dei Sottufficiali, Graduates and Soldiers of Troop A.M.
Addetto Sezione Comunicazione Istituzionale
Via dell'Aeroporto, 1 Latina Scalo (LT)
Tel. (658-2367) - (07738212367)

Sergente Maggiore Capo Carlo DE LUCA
Ufficio Comando
Sezione Comunicazione Istituzionale
Addetto Sezione Comunicazione Istituzionale
Via dell'Aeroporto, 1 Latina Scalo (LT)
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Press release: Air force - 70° Stormo
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