2010 – Kecskemet

Kecskemet - 7-8 August 2010

The 2010 was, per me, The Year of Contact. Indeed, we have, first, crossed the Iron Curtain. With the APR Pierpaolo 2010 (Air Force Summer Away) l'abbiamo fatta in Kecskemet, in Hungary !

It was years since we heard about the tattoo Europe and so we went to check it out yourself: it was worth it, definitely.

The organization of the event is perfect: The cost of entry is approximately 15 € a day but worth it all.

There are airplanes around the world, and, for the first time this year, even 2 F 16I Sufa e 1 C 130 Hercules Israelis, literally I besieged by static presenti.In photographers were also present On 27 e An 26 Ukrainian, F 15E USAF, Tornado e EF 2000 German, MiG 21 start Rumeni, and various other aircraft of European nations.

The flight schedule is very large, from 9,00 until to 18,00 It is practically an uninterrupted flight demonstrations of different aerobatic teams (Switzerland, Croatian, Turcha e, of course, our Frecce Tricolori) and the best heavy metal European: MiG 29, Gust, Gripen, Euro Fighter, F 16, F 18, Mirage F 1, MiG 21, My 24, C 27, AMX, C 17 They are given the change in the sky of Kecskemet with tight schedules, breathtaking performances and abundant use of flares. The day ended with a simulated ground attack with explosions and flames on the runway and a dogfight between MiG 29 and Hungarian Gripen conducted at very low altitudes.

For all both days of the event were present inside the airport also various Hungarian army vehicles including wagons, radar and missile systems, all typical of the Armed Forces Europe.

Surely one of the most beautiful events I've ever witnessed

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