2019 – A normal day in Payerne

Payerne Air Base – 30 April 2019

On the day of the presentation to the media and the public of the Boeing F / A 18F Super Hornet, the main base of the Swiss Air Force has not, however, stop, present and aircraft continued to fly as if nothing had. In the pictures below you can see the images taken during taxiing, takeoffs and landings of the Hornet currently in service. Interesting that the Hornet go in flight with a load flare dispenser. Also other aircraft (also civil) and helicopters took advantage of airport services in the canton of Vaud. Unfortunately nothing F 5 and nothing Mirage III. But what that flew more than compensates for the partial disappointment.

Text: AviaSpotter.it
Photo:   AviaSpotter.it

Now enjoy the pictures: