Roma, 31 October 2018

Wednesday 31 October, at the military airport of Ciampino, the handover with the General Vecciarelli, the presence of the Minister of Defense Elisabeth Thirty

The General of the Air Squadron Alberto Red is the new Chief of Staff. The ceremony rotation with the Air Squadron Enzo Vecciarelli General took place this morning at the military airport of Ciampino (Roma), seat of 31 ° Stormo, the presence of the Minister of Defense Elisabeth Thirty, and the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Claudio Graziano. The event was attended by numerous political authorities and military chain, civil and religious.

The General Vecciarelli, that the next 5 November will assume the Chief of Staff of Defense, recalled that "almost three years ago, in this same hangar, the act of taking office today termino, I did call for a collective effort of internal cohesion to be more and more to the expectations of Italian and more useful to the country!”. He then went on to say that "this appeal was understood and collected by the vast majority of my staff from my, especially by younger people and those who were able to put aside self-interest and income position to pursue with enthusiasm and sharing of intent to build the Air 4.0. Air force even more advanced, technologically and conceptually projected to the internet of things, the cyber world and megabytes. Air force at the same time that is at the center of its name the operation of its Flocks but especially the rediscovery of human values, the satisfaction of his needs, cohesion between all staff through the consideration of everyone for the respect and the dignity of all others. "

After the reading of the Order of the Day and the passage of the War Flag of the Air Force Chief of SMA from the outgoing to the incoming, He spoke the Air Squadron General Alberto Rosso who in his speech stressed that his term as Chief of the Air Force "will follow with persistence and belief clear furrow, right and far-sighted "of his predecessor, synthesizing its engagement with a single word: "continuity". The General Red then highlighted to believe "in the spirit interforce, indispensable, in the real, which is not flattening and homogenizing cosmetic but rather harmonious and balanced enhancement of individual Armed Forces, in accordance with the specific skills and peculiarities, to offer the country a defense and security tool the more cohesive, practical and consistent as possible, integrated with other departments, available and useful to the community, at home and in international contexts ". In conclusion, by contacting the staff of the Force d'Azur, It stated that "we need to ensure the maximum capacity, operational readiness and utilities to safely Country, effectively, efficiently, satisfying, at the same time, the legitimate expectations of staff, with severely limited resources and always in full compliance with laws and regulations. This is the summary of the work that lies ahead. "

"The Air Force you to deliver now in the hands of your successor", then he highlighted the Chief of the Defense Staff in his speech, addressing the General Vecciarelli,"Army is a force ready to act quickly and successfully into the wider spectrum of tasks and missions assigned". In my best wishes to General Rosso for their new duties, General Graziano said he was "certain that you will lack the determination and courage to face and overcome difficulties, intelligence and vision to illuminate the future of the Air, sensitivity to listen to the heart of his wonderful staff "button.

In his speech, the Minister of Defense Elisabeth Thirty highlighted that "the Air Force is an essential component of the military, of which our country system could not help but, especially in geo-political situations of this uncertainty, turbulence and unpredictability like today. An organization more efficient and effective, appreciated in the context of international commitments made by Italy in recent years along with allies and friends to counter the threat of international terrorism, but also able to be present wherever there is need of his speech to the citizen ".

Text and Photos: Air force